Why did I launch Match & Cover?

September 16, 2021

It has been a frequent question the last several months: Why would I detour my corporate path to launch an interim executive leadership firm? As it turns out, the answer is pretty simple:

  • The problem was too big to dismiss. 
  • The solution was too obvious to ignore.
  • And the path forward is a combination of all my professional experiences.

The PROBLEM is massive and well understood: from the exodus of leaders and employees throughout the workforce… to extended leave benefits becoming the standard for employees… all during “The Great Resignation” (uhmmmm, Reshuffle?)… while employees working in a new hybrid remote model need leaders to actually be in place… leading.

The SOLUTION seemed just as obvious. Leverage those departed leaders (on *their* terms) to fill the gap for executives on extended leave or when companies struggle to backfill for departures during The Reshuffle. …because employees don’t have to be stranded without leadership.

But the real reason I launched Match & Cover is a bit more selfish. Nothing makes me happier than connecting good people who are talented, with good people who have opportunities. Nothing. And the time is right, the time is now… for this model to exist, to clear the path for people to have the work choices they deserve, and for employers to hire the talent they need in the way that works for them. To be in a position to build that bridge is the most important work I could ever do. It took my whole career to get here, for All Of Us to get here. So with respect to Richard Branson’s quote below, I launched Match & Cover to follow my passions for connecting people – and to do what I can to serve the world and shift the paradigm of the #futureofwork

Join me. We’ve Got This.