Will We Really Have a Job Upheaval in September?

August 16, 2021

People suggested the forecasts of “A Great Resignation” were over-stated. The panic of a Talent Apocalypse ran completely contrary to conventional wisdom in market downturns and times of uncertainty. Yet here we are: 11.5 million people quit their jobs in April, May, and June of 2021.

And what next? Well, various surveys show between 38-50ish percent of employees are either searching for new opportunities or plan to make a change in the next six months. Stop and consider that — whether you’re in a 100-person firm or a 50,000 person company, what will the impact be when ONE-THIRD OF YOUR COMPANY is no longer there?

There are so many reasons this is happening. In some circles, you’ll hear that this has been “generations” in the making. I’m not assigning blame, it just is what it is. I also think it’s too late to mitigate the momentum of what’s coming. But I did appreciate how this INC. article framed what the priorities are for softening the blow: Care and Engagement. We can all do more of that, without budget, starting today.

The other thing we must do is Plan. I think it’s inevitable we’re going to experience disruption. Minimizing the pain of that disruption will ultimately help you retain satisfied teams for a longer period. Make the investment now to be prepared for shortfalls in staffing. Match & Cover can help with that. Plan ahead; we can get things started now so that the process is smoother when you need us to assist with executive gaps. The absence of leadership doesn’t have to be a cause for pain within your teams. #futureofwork

Article:   The Great Resignation is Here, and It’s Real.