Interim Executives: The Contemporary Solution to Senior Leadership Gaps

August 24, 2021

With our workplace evolution in the last two years, it’s more important than ever to elevate how we support teams to deliver their best work. Leadership is at the center of how we drive that effort — and at the heart of leadership is the People who do the work. In the past, companies have consistently understaffed leadership teams when executives were away on extended leave. When an executive would be out, strategic assignments would be re-distributed and their teams would often figure out how to self-manage or go to others for input.
Consider this:
** Parental Leave benefits at some companies can be several months
of time off (five months or more is common at large tech companies and other firms with highly competitive benefits). In addition, many new parents will opt for 12 additional weeks of time off with FMLA.
** Medical Leave to treat extended health issues can easily last up to six months. 
** Paid Sabbaticals average 5-6 months. (go ahead, Google it)
** And in the coming months, it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to fill a VP or higher role when a vacancy occurs.
In the hybrid workplace, it won’t be reasonable for peer executives to take on extra project workload and for employees to fend for themselves when an executive is on leave. Thankfully, the challenge can be easily addressed with the introduction of Interim Executives. Match & Cover’s executives have been successful in these roles in the past – and they’re currently available. They’ve decided that, for many reasons, they’re only interested in doing interim work. They’re the answer to one of your biggest leadership challenges: keeping a full team on the field.
Match & Cover currently has thirty interim executives in our Talent Portfolio. These executives are located from the Bay Area to Boston and all points in between. Chances are, we have someone who can stand-in while your executive is away. Chances are, we have someone who can do something extra for your business. Want to know more? Give us a shout, we’re eager to help cover your team’s needs… when needed, for the time needed, with the skills needed. #futureofwork


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