Impact of Mental Health in the C-Suite

August 12, 2021

We all know it, but no one’s really talking about it… until now. Thank you, Chief for shining the light on this delicate topic.

In a segment of the corporate world burdened with ideals of perfection and competition, the pressures of the last 18 months have been tougher than many of us realize. 53% of C-suite leaders have struggled with mental health issues in the workplace (compared to 45% of employees). CEO turnover jumped 20% in February. Employees may appreciate the flexibility of remote work, but 85% of leaders have found it challenging.

I met with a CEO last week to discuss his executive staffing gaps and we spent a good amount of time discussing how to set up “systems” to care for executive teams who have been remote — to their teams, their peers, and their leadership — for almost a year and half.

Staving off the so-called “Great Resignation” may not be entirely doable… but if we’re going to try, we need to spend a little bit of time at the top. And people, don’t forget your CEO. She needs some love, too. Be good to each other.

Article:   We Need To Talk About Mental Health in the C-Suite