What Every Company Can Do To Positively Impact Retention

July 27, 2021

We’re all working to address the talent concerns for the coming months. Companies that can afford to are doing lavish things (i.e., $7,000 home office upgrade stipends or bi-monthly team retreats), but many can’t be so grand.

There is one thing every company can do to positively impact retention – every single company. Lead Well. The LinkedIn article below is appropriately titled “Stressed Employees Browse New Jobs, Unsupported Employees Actually Apply“. There are many things we can do to show more support. Which one will you try?

– Engage. Spend more time with your teams. Be diligent about skip-level conversations.

– Create learning opportunities. Invite someone to a meeting they wouldn’t normally attend. Ask for input on a project you’re working on. Actively seek internal job rotation options for your team (moving to a different team in the same function can be a breath of fresh air).

– Be an example for Balance. Work from home. Take time off. Schedule your emails to send at 8am (not 2am, when you couldn’t sleep).

It takes adequate leadership coverage to do these things. If you have executives on extended leave or backfills taking too long to hire, Match & Cover can bridge those gaps to ensure your teams are supported.