Building Strong Mentorship Programs to Support a Hybrid Workplace

July 1, 2021

Following Tuesday’s post about creating a positive experience in the “hybrid workplace”, now is an opportunity for our teams to invest more effort in supporting mentorship. Our teams are coming back into the office out of a period of pretty deep isolation. Encouraging our teams to create connections through mentorship supports our talent in the present and shapes our future leaders. Mentoring programs have always been valuable, but the hybrid workplace model makes it even more important for us to give more than lip service to invest in these opportunities across our teams. Everything is aligned to support mentoring being even more successful – the technology is readily available and people can meet face-to-face by choice. Frankly, the most practical reason we’ll see increased mentoring is the shift to fewer in-office social activities leaving more time for peer-coaching.

Many of our team members need and seek connection. Even those who say they “aren’t social” still benefit from what they learn when mentored. Mentoring is one of the very best ways to help our people – it fosters a sense of connectedness and community and it builds leadership bench strength within our teams. Fundamentally, isn’t that a big part of our job?


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