Bridging a Gap in Leadership Coverage: Do You Have What It Takes To Take Care Of Your Team?

July 14, 2021

Aleassa Schambers of Root LLC, a part of Accenture presents a thoughtful and direct article on how we need to course-correct to both avoid employee losses and position ourselves to hire effectively in the coming months. She’s absolutely right, and it’s going to take time and effort. We’ll need to “slow down to speed up”, as the old saying goes. Prioritizing employee conversations and “soft ROI” hasn’t necessarily been a focus for a lot of us in the last few years, but the risks of not doing this now are much greater.

This effort will require bandwidth. Companies need consistent adequate coverage within their leadership teams. Starving your employees of leadership coaching and development in the coming months would be a tremendous mistake. Match & Cover LLC‘s Talent-on-Demand team of interim executive are available when you need to bridge a gap in leadership coverage (parental or medical leave? unexpected exit?). Secure your future by taking care of your teams now. #futureofwork

Article:    It’s Not You, It’s Me! The Truth Behind Your Talent Shortage