Finding Flexible Employment is Easier than You Think

June 4, 2021

Leena Nair of Unilever says “The 40-hour weeks for 40 years with one employer to then retire with 40 percent of what they made—the 40/40/40. Now those models are broken as the default and no longer fit for purpose. Why have just one standard employment model that everyone must fit into rather than having multiple workforce engagement employment options that fit into people’s lives?” In response, Unilever has made a commitment to pioneer new employment models for everyone who works for them so that they all have flexible employment options by 2030.

For those of you not lucky enough to work for Unilever or who can’t wait nine years for flexible employment options, check out Match & Cover. We’re designed to support executives hiring who are ready to do meaningful work, on their own terms. We help Clients and Talent find the win-win of “CHOICE” — when needed, for the time needed, with the skills needed.



Article:    Fit for the Postpandemic Future: Unilever’s Leena Nair on Reinventing How We Work