Taking a Leap into Uncertainty

May 17, 2021
The Bloomberg article focuses on how to resign gracefully because “We’re going to see lots of “boomerang” employees, who a year from now miss their jobs and decide their novel isn’t going as well as expected.” Making the leap into uncertainty doesn’t have to be a jump into the abyss. Great flexibility will be available and Match & Cover is here to make it easier for employers and talented executives to work together on short-term high-value projects (4-7 months) to create a win-win: Employers get access to seasoned talent to deliver important strategic projects or manage large teams during a leadership gaps. Talent gets to do meaningful work, on their terms. The #futureofwork arrived early. Match & Cover is here to make it easier for everyone to get it done.
Article:    How to Quit Your Job in the Great Post-Pandemic Resignation Boom