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Match & Cover - Consultative Leadership Gaps - Talent On Demand

How would your team thrive if you ramped up leadership for a few months?

Imagine securing talent to complete those critical projects you don’t have experience or bandwidth on your team to deliver. Imagine leveraging senior talent as a bridge to give you breathing room so you can make the best hiring decision during these unprecedented hiring cycles. We can help – we have leaders ready to help your team get more delivered so you can focus on the long game.

Match & Cover recognizes the growing need to augment your business with high-quality executive talent. Whether covering a planned absence or supplementing major corporate initiatives, we’re excited to connect you with the perfect talent match from our talent-on-demand portfolio.

We get it. That’s why Match & Cover’s sole focus is curating a portfolio of available executive talent who are only interested in interim work projects. We match industry veterans with our clients’ needs to cover short-term organizational gaps or periods of high-demand growth and corporate transformation. Our team represents all functional disciplines and are perfect matches to cover a variety of needs, including

Leadership to Cover Gaps

Supplemental Resources


We've solved big challenges and transformed business across industry verticals. Many times over.


Distance from corporate activities gives our talent more room to focus on immediate deliverables. 

Targeted Focus

No fluff. Just determination to do a great job and deliver results.


Absence of political ambition enables us to complete your projects quickly, fairly, and with the highest value to the business.

our purpose


Match & Cover was born of an ideal that many leaders are ready to be “untethered” from permanent corporate responsibilities. When the pandemic began, many seasoned executives began considering how to pull back on their previous working pace, yet they didn’t want to give up access or connection to people, challenges, problem solving, and leadership.  

While we were managing changes in the world environment and fighting persistent Zoom fatigue at home, other things were also transitioning in the workplace. The need for leadership was more critical than ever. Much to everyone’s surprise, business didn’t implode during the pandemic – it skyrocketed. From startups to the largest corporations, many sectors exploded with growth. And while business was booming, more than ever, employees were profoundly in need of a full slate of leadership and continuity.

Leaders are ready to work less. Transformation and growth are creating more work than ever. And in a hybrid workplace, employees need high-touch leadership to do their best work. New models are needed to make the #futureofwork successful – Match & Cover has it. 

The Future of Work

Perfect Storm?
Or Perfect Opportunity?

Successful senior leaders are more likely to be in a position to exit the workforce earlier than normal. They no longer value the constant high-pressure roles — but they also don’t want to completely forfeit connection and the excitement of solving challenging problems. With Match & Cover, they can have it both ways. 

It’s no surprise retention is such a challenge. We have an overtaxed workforce that is greatly in need of continuity and support, inside a new lower-touch remote paradigm that often leaves them without clarity or a game plan for their career growth.

A fast-evolving workplace in high-growth mode with a mass of projects to support mergers, infrastructure investments, and other preparations to make companies more valuable is forcing leaders to choose between building channels for future growth vs managing their teams for retention and engagement.

Corporate benefits are stronger than ever to retain employees. These perks come at a cost, with benefits like extended parental leave and sabbaticals increasing the strain on teams experiencing leadership-impacting work conditions. 


“The Great Resignation altered our workplace models and gave us a different lens for how the #futureofwork would function. ”

The rules... had changed.

The Future of Work – has Arrived

Match & Cover has a Solution

employee engagement - talent on demand
our solution

How We're Different

We’ll Match & Cover your needs now. Our current and available talent portfolio includes successful executives who now stay active with interim and long-term strategic projects.  

They’re sophisticated and seasoned. They already understand you challenges and will hit the ground running to keep your teams on track to deliver results. In most cases, we can also set engagement deliverables for difficult projects where an experienced outside party can drive your critical organizational projects to completion.  

Extra bandwidth, additional experience, autonomy to deliver critical projects. Win-Win-Win.

As the future of work shifts, Match & Cover is leveraging our current workforce challenges as ASSETS... and creating an entirely new paradigm of Talent-on-Demand to bring experienced leadership and flexible work to broader audiences.

Tonya J. Long
Founder & CEO, Match & Cover

As the future of work shifts, Match & Cover is leveraging our current workforce challenges as ASSETS... and creating an entirely new paradigm of Talent-on-Demand to bring experienced leadership and flexible work to broader audiences.

Tonya J. Long
Founder & CEO, Match & Cover
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Our Mission

We pledge to create an exceptional network that serves both Clients and Talent as they partner to build stronger companies and better work environments that increase satisfaction and value for everyone involved.

Our Vision

The #futureofwork will reward top talent with more flexibility.  We will be able to work more roles, with more teams, for shorter durations - and still have massive impact.

Our Values

Make a Difference. Serve Others. Execute for Results. Celebrate. Give Back. #LoveYourTribe

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